CDC warns about bacteria in antibiotics

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The CDC painted a scary picture this week of bacteria that antibiotics have had little effect in combating.

"They are dangerous from the standpoint they pose a threat to patients who get these infections and they can also spread," said Dr. Arjun Srinivasan, an infectious disease doctor with the CDC.

The nightmare bacteria is deadly for elderly and those with chronic diseases. That is why patients in hospitals and nursing homes are at risk.

"This is what creates the nightmare scenario. They are not only very difficult if not impossible to treat, but they can also be spread from person to person," Dr. Srinivasan said.

Hospitals such as UAB are aware of the nightmare bacteria. The hospital continues to take steps in their normal routine to combat it.

"Hand hygiene before and after patient contact would be one. We actually isolate patients who have this organism." said Dr. Bernard Camins, an infectious disease doctor at UAB.

Dr. Camins said the elderly and chronic disease patients are susceptible because they take too much antibiotics which in turn forms a resistance.

"I'm not saying if you are getting an infection you should get an antibiotic. But a lot of times patients get antibiotics for no good reason," Camins said.

Dr. Camins said the nightmare bacteria is in Alabama. He said since 2013 has seen it in about one to two percent of patients. The Alabama Department of Health has formed a group to study it.

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