Movie theater proposed for Wildwood Shopping Center

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Moviegoers in Birmingham may soon have other options to watch summer blockbusters other than traveling to Hoover and Vestavia Hills.

A Texas theater chain is looking to bring movies back to the Wildwood Shopping Center.

Randy Williams remembers when the area had a movie theaters.

"When I was younger we used to come out here and go to the movies all the time. We had a lot of options of movie theaters. This was one of the top ones we would pick to go to," Williams said.

Point of Grace Church purchased the land back in 2008, but the building is currently empty. Premiere Cinemas, however, is looking to reopen the building in the Wildwood area. People who shop and live nearby welcome the idea.

"This would be a convenience to the community. We wouldn't need to spend a lot of money for gas and travel and time," Nathaniel Pippen said.

Those WBRC FOX6 News spoke with said they wanted other options than traveling out of the city for movie.

"I definitely think there should be theater out here. It will be great for the area. People coming out here and having another option of more theaters is great also," Williams said.

The Birmingham Finance and Budget Committee will hear from Premiere on Monday afternoon.

Premiere is looking to put in recliner sitting, its signature Pizza Pub, craft beer and wine.  There's talk of a possible IMAX theater, too. The company, which already owns a theater in Bessemer, is asking the city for up to $400,000 in assistance for road work connecting to Lakeshore Parkway.

"I think it would be good thing. It would help the kids out so they won't have to travel so far and maybe cut down on the violence in the community." Carl Goree said.

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