UAB employees unveil Blazer Home

Blazer home initiative

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - UAB employees who would rather spend less time commuting to work are getting some help from UAB.

Friday, the university is unveiling a pilot program called Blazer Home. The program, developed by employees involved in a university leadership program, will offer as many as ten grants of up to $8,000 to university employees to buy or improve homes they already own in the Titusville, Glen Iris or Southside neighborhoods that border the campus.

The university initially plans to administer the program for five years, serving employees who will make the homes their primary residences.

"We want to do those things that will set us apart as a leader in the industry as well as a great place to work because we believe that we are" said UAB's Chief Human Resource Officers Alesia Jones.

Jones points out that the idea can also help UAB remain competitive in recruiting new employees who may already be able to walk or bike to work in their current jobs.

She and James Fowler, Director of Planning Design and Construction for UAB Facilities, suggest they'd like to see employees from a range of income levels take advantage of the program.

Fowler says the benefits for the employees and the communities go beyond dollars and cents.

"We want people not just to invest in the houses but invest their time in the communities in the neighborhoods around them in the schools hopefully and become active citizens" says Fowler. More information about Blazer Home including rules and eligibility can be found here.

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