How to track information Facebook has collected about you

How to track information Facebook has collected about you
Source: Facebook

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Do you ever feel like facebook is tracking your every move?

All with the touch of a thumb the social media site is tracking what you like or don't like and sharing that information with advertisers. With every post share, like or reaction--it's being tracked.

"when I think about it, it concerns me," Facebook user Alex Fisher said.

That information is being used for targeted advertisement. It's apart of algorithms  that keep track of what you like, don't like or want to see more of all with a touch of a thumb

For example, if you like more pet posts, more animal ads may pop up on your time.

"It's a double edge sword you can use it to target more specifically and that way you getting the information out to the right people," Daniel Vergara said.

But there's another side to it as well.

"The negative is that you had to be very careful in what you are putting out there basically anything that you put on the Internet then can we use a in a way that you may have not initially expected it would be," Vergara said.

And that 's what Alfred Davis found out  today.

All of his information has been tracked and compiled on Facebook. And so has the data of many users.

"Jesus," Davis said.

It can be found in your ad settings.

There's a section that shows all your ad preferences in separate categories.

From the type of phone you use or how you lean politically.

"All honestly I am surprise I never knew they had access all of this information I had no idea at all," Davis said.

So how to limit this information?

Go to your settings, click ads , then ad settings and select NO to the options that allows you to opt of this feature.

Facebook says by turning off this setting will not change the number of ads you see , but limit the information used to show ads targeted at you.

"The things they are allowed to do, I had no idea. I'm a liberal, but I had no idea that all of this was on Facebook," Davis said.

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