School sends strong message to prevent distracted driving

ALABASTER, AL (WBRC) - Thompson High School in Alabaster decided to make the impact of distracted driving as real as possible Thursday.

The school placed a mangled car in front of the building. But it's not just any wrecked car. It's the car one of their classmates was driving when she was killed.

So this week, every time Thompson High School students drive to school they see the mangled car that their classmate took her last breaths in. It is a drastic effort to prevent this the same pain and heart their community faces after losing Camryn Callaway just weeks ago.

Students piled into the gym Thursday afternoon to hear a lifesaving message. Alyssa Chinn is a friend of Camryn Callaway and she says this presentation hits hard. "Someone in our community. Someone who was a Thompson Warrior. She went here - she was a part of our family and she tragically died," said Chinn.

In February, Camryn Callaway got distracted by her phone while driving home on I-65 South when her car hit a tractor-trailer. Her loved ones are now only left with her memories.

"She was always a light. On a darkest time, she was always there," Chinn recalls. Now, her legacy lives on as she sheds light on a big issue in our country, distractive driving.

The presentation was put on by the Shelby County Drug Coalition. A good way to help keep you or your loved one from texting and driving is turning your phone on do not disturb or simply turning it off - that way, you are not even tempted.

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