MAXX board member says transit system can't afford to lose director

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - For the first time, the one MAXX Transit board member who didn't vote to suspend MAXX transit director Barbara Murdock is speaking with WBRC.

"When you have novice people that seek to be in charge, then you will have novice problems," said board member Patrick Sellers.

He says that's what his fellow board members have created by suspending director Barbara Murdock without pay. Sellers believes they have ambitions to be in charge, but have failed to learn how the transit system works.

"They should not be in day-to-day operations. Stay at the level board members need to be at--policy making, advocacy," he said.

Murdock, who's been at the helm of MAXX transit for nearly two years, is accused of using a Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority credit card for personal matters. Sellers says it was a mistake, one that Murdock quickly reimbursed. He says under Murdock's leadership, MAXX has been awarded over $3.5 million in federal funding.

It's leadership, Sellers says, they can't afford to lose.

Wednesday, WBRC spoke with board member Martin Weinberg who says an investigation is underway and is being handled by someone in the Alabama attorney general's office.

WBRC also reached out to Murdock's attorney to see if he would speak. As of news time, he had not returned our calls. We also reached out to MAXX interim director Christopher Ruffin to request documentation of the claims against Murdock. We are still awaiting a response.

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