Roadwork damages traffic lights on Tuscaloosa's Highway 69 South

Hwy 69 traffic lights damaged

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Along Highway 69 South in Tuscaloosa, if it seems like it's taking longer for some traffic lights to change color that's because it actually does.

"I think we've all noticed in the heaviest hours of the day, morning and afternoon, traffic doesn't seem to flow as well," explained Tuscaloosa County Commissioner Mark Nelson.

Nelson told people attending this week's commission meeting that he talked with the Alabama Department of Transportation about a problem that happened when state road crews milled down part of the roadway to add a third lane.

"All these lights on 69 South that worked with a new program with the University to coordinate them so during driving peak hours they were moving quicker have now reverted back to a timer setting that doesn't seem to be that optimal for traffic doing down that way," Nelson went on to say.

That meant sensors that would normally cause lights to change faster so traffic doesn't back up on Highway 69 now change in the same amount of time that lights do at roads with less traffic that intersect with 69.

ALDOT says they'll fix the problem.

"We'll go back in there and reinstall within four to five weeks to get traffic moving," according to ALDOT spokesman John McWilliams.

But it won't be a quick fix for some.

"I'm being told we're going to have to try to leave a little earlier and be more patient," Nelson added.

That ALDOT roadwork is part of a larger project that includes building an overpass on Highway 69 South that will eventually allow drivers to get on the interstate faster with fewer stops at some intersections.

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