Karle's Korner: Do we have a standoff between Saban and Lebron?

(WBRC) - OK, I get it: The one and only Lebron James doesn't want anyone impeding on his empire. After all, the Cav's superstar has worked hard to build his career and his brand. But continuing to hold his ground on what I feel is a silly issue is in my mind rather paltry.

You've heard it by now: Lebron's peeps have sent the University Of Alabama a copyright infringement letter insisting that UA's "Shop Talk" video series is in effect a rip-off of Lebron's "Uninterrupted" series. Yes, they are similar, as players and coaches sit around a barber shop setting to talk sports. But here's by question: What's the big deal?

Will Lebron fan's watch less of his "Uninterrupted" series because the Bama football people have their own version? Is Lebron losing money over this? As ESPN's Trey Wingo says, "That's like saying, 'Hey, ESPN was the first sports network. And no other show can have a sports show talking about sports.' Right? That seems to not be a thing."

I agree, and I remind you: The television industry sports some of the biggest rip offs going. If a TV network or a local TV station strikes gold with a creative segment, expect to see it elsewhere. If a TV network or local TV station hits it big with a certain set color or graphic look, expect to see it elsewhere. I mean, how many TV stations in America have doppler radar and a 7-day forecast? Are we going to sue every station except the first station that introduced them?

As Nick Saban mentioned on Tuesday, he knows of at least 20 barber shop shows that have aired on TV. Still, Lebron, as you can see in these comments from Tuesday night, is not backing down.

Do we have a standoff? It appears so. Will the lawyers be called in? You bet. Can't we all get along? Now that's a process. I'll tell you what: Let's have both sides call a truce, and then have Coach Saban visit Lebron's barber shop for a cut and a blow dry. That will prevent a close shave in the courtroom.

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