Apple partners with Lawson State for new program

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Apple CEO Tim Cook took part in a MLK commemoration at 6th Ave. Baptist Church on Wednesday during an expected visit to Lawson State Community College.

Lawson State has been offering a program called the Swift Programming and App Development.

"There is so many millions of apps that are being developed. It in a short period of time teaches people how to develop apps," Geri Albright said.

Lawson State is partnering with Apple to develop apps that could be used or bought by the software company. The program is designed for students to get high-paying tech jobs.

"Our society is so technology driven so this does give them that extra edge they need to get out there," Albright said.

Birmingham hopes to expand the program so even more can be trained to build apps for high-tech jobs and to build on a relationship with Apple.

"If we could find a way for those skills for our folks here locally, they will be employable. Potentially be an outlet, Apple to locate something in Birmingham." Josh Carpenter, Director of Innovative and Economic Opportunity, said.

The plan is to expand the program to other community colleges and possibly four-year colleges.

"With our public sector, our private sector, our educators. How we can prepare our workforce for the future to allow our students to thrive?" Carpenter said

Carpenter said Cook enjoys helping out his home state.

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