National Weather Service encourages you to take a #SafePlaceSelfie

National Weather Service encourages you to take a #SafePlaceSelfie
Safe Place Selfie Day. (Source: NWS)
Photos from a previous #SafePlaceSelfie Day. (Source: NWS)
Photos from a previous #SafePlaceSelfie Day. (Source: NWS)

On Wednesday, April 4, the National Weather Service is asking you to take a #SafePlaceSelfie and share it on social media.

The weather service is asking people to know the weather hazards in their area and know the safe places to go in the event of severe weather.

The Tuscaloosa County Emergency Management Agency is also asking citizens to do this, and to use April 4 as an opportunity to think about safe places beyond the home.

For instance, Tuscaloosa County EMA Deputy Director Dianna Dollar says many workplaces have severe weather safety plans, but employees who have never had to use them are sometimes unfamiliar with the plans.

"It's a good time to review those plans at your schools, at your workplaces," Dollar said.

"Maybe you travel the same route everyday, and you need to know where your community shelters are along that route. It's a good time to check that out."

Dollar says it is also a good time to make sure children know the location of the safe place in their home. She says to have supplies like food, water, helmets and medications ready, and when a tornado watch is issued, put those in your safe place.

In choosing a safe place in your home, Dollar says it should be an interior room on the lowest level of your home, away from doors and windows.

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