Saban says 'Shop Talk' will continue

Saban says 'Shop Talk' will continue
Source: WBRC

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Alabama's football coach is fighting back with six simple words: "We're gonna continue to do it." That was Nick Saban's response on Tuesday evening when he was asked his opinion of the copyright letter sent to the University of Alabama.

The producers of Lebron James' popular video series "Uninterrupted" insist the Crimson Tide's new video series called "Shop Talk" is infringing on their copyright. "Uninterrupted" features James sitting in a barbershop setting and talking with other NBA players. Bama's "Shop Talk" series features Nick Saban sitting in a barbershop setting and talking with former Crimson Tide players such as Julio Jones and Ryan Anderson.

After practice on Thursday, Saban addressed the issue by saying, "There have been at least twenty barbershop-type things I have seen on TV. I didn't know anyone owned that and I didn't even know [James] had one. Saban went onto say that he's surprised that anyone can be offended by something with which the Bama folks were just having fun.

Will this be the end of it? As far as Nick Saban is concerned, the show will go on. Stay tuned.

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