Expanded "move over" law would require moving over for all cars

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - For years, Alabama drivers have been required to "move over" when you see emergency vehicles, such as police units or ambulances on the side of the road.

But a bill that could soon become law would expand that measure in an effort to protect you.

The new measure would require you to move over but for all cars that have their flashing lights on, including private vehicles.

The current law requires drivers on Alabama's interstates to move over one lane when they see, say, a police car or fire truck on the side of the road with its flashing lights on.

If you can't move over, you're required to slow down to 15 miles an hour below the posted speed limit.

Representative Chris Sells of Greenwood felt that law needed to include everyday citizens who may be stopped on the side of the road due to a busted tire, or some other situation.

State Troopers say the it sounds like a good concept.

"Anything that will assist people out here on the interstate, especially our wrecker drivers and other vehicles that are out here, it'll be much appreciated and hopefully observed," says Alabama State Corporal Steve Smith.

This bill passed both houses in the legislature this session and is now awaiting the Governor's signature to make it law.

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