"Ethics" bill could introduced into legislature by governor

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A bill to exempt Alabama economic recruiters from ethics disclosures is on Governor Kay Ivey's desk.

Birmingham Representative John Rogers is totally against the House Bill 317.

"It's a get out of jail free card. What it does is tell you if you work for economic development, you don't have to register as a lobbyist,"  Rogers said.

With the indictment of Vestavia Hills Representative Jack Williams and former Alabama GOP chair Marty Connors on corruption charges, Rogers said there should be increased pressure on Governor Kay Ivey to veto the bill.

"I'd tell her don't sign it. If she signs that bill, she will not get reelected. That bill is a bogus bill. It looks shabby," Rogers said.

Governor Ivey's press office released this statement:

"The passage of House Bill 317 enables Alabama to remain on a level playing field with other states, as we compete for job creating capital investments."

Rogers said the bill will go away after one year but that sends a bad message to the lawmakers.

"We could not leave until they passed that bill. That is how crucial it was. Evident, reading the bill, it is set up for someone to make a lot of money," Rogers said.

The bill will allow information to be released two years after a company commits to come to Alabama.

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