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2018 NFL prospect launches anti-bullying campaign at Handley Middle School

Source: Christina Chambers/WBRC Source: Christina Chambers/WBRC

To look at the size of Bradley Bozeman towering over students at Handley Middle School, you’d never think he used to be bullied.

“I think in 6th grade I was 6-foot-tall. I was a big kid ever since I can remember, so you had your typical you're fat, your this or that,” said Bozeman.

Bozeman said he almost quit football because he was bullied, but now the 2018 NFL draft prospect is so glad he didn’t.

“To this day I still have people talk about me, whether if it’s sportscasters or whoever it may be, talk about how I can’t play the game or this that or the other, but I know who I am and what kind of player I am,” the former Handley High School football star said.

As the two-time National Champion awaits his future call in the NFL draft at the end of this month, he’s spending time in his hometown at Handley Middle School giving back in the only way he knows how, trying to put an end to bullying.

“I was in shock that he almost quit football because he doesn’t look like a guy who has been bullied before, but it just goes to show you never know what someone will turn out to be, so someone you’re bullying could be the president in the future,” said student Emelia Askew.

Bozeman launched his anti-bullying campaign Tuesday and will visit 15 more schools across the state over the next month.

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