Karle's Korner: Ben Abercrombie’s Mission

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - The video sent to me by Ben Abercrombie's father Marty is riveting, emotional, inspiring - the list goes on. While we go on with our busy lives, Ben's life is a day-to-day challenge some seven months after he was paralyzed from the neck down while playing in a football game as a Harvard freshman. Ben's goal is to walk again, and if there is a person who can do it, it may just be this determined young man from Hoover.

Ben's drive and athleticism is illustrated in this video as he rehabs with Ken Bryant, an expert therapist who is known for helping paralyzed patients gain movement. Ken has spent a week working with Ben at the Abercrombie house, and he will return in a few months. Ben is also getting advice from Joe Benintende, who is also a famous therapist who is dedicated to helping paralyzed patients walk.

If you think your days are tough, give Ben 90 minutes of your time and look at him working hard - you will never complain again. Kudos to Ben, his family and all of his doctors and therapists. With their expertise, Ben Abercrombie may someday see his dream come true.

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