Heartwarming moment at Disney Live Show in Huntsville

Heartwarming moment at Disney Live Show in Huntsville
A guard tells the family he can not stand to see a child heartbroken. (Source: Anna Chambers)
(Source: Anna Chambers)
(Source: Anna Chambers)
(Source: Anna Chambers)
(Source: Anna Chambers)
(Source: Anna Chambers)
(Source: Anna Chambers)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WBRC) - Tragedy soon turns to a testimony one Cullman family wants to shout from the roof top.

Anna Chambers is a teacher at Cullman Christian School. One of her students gave her and her family vouchers to Saturday's Disney Live Show in Huntsville.

When Anna, her husband Kenneth and their two daughters, Charlee Kathryn and Caroline, arrived for the show they quickly discovered it was sold out and they would not be able to redeem their vouchers.

Anna said the family was heart broken and it was all she could do to not cry in front of her two young daughters.

Security then told the family they would be allowed inside after the show started so they could but a souvenir Mickey or Minnie Mouse for the girls.

"At this time Charlee knew what was going on and began to cry," sad Anna. "I told her we would just sit and wait to see what happens."

Anna said at that moment she watched others entering the show and she simply said a little prayer.

Lord, if it is meant for Charlee and Caroline to see Mickey today to please help us and let it be.

A few minutes later, a security guard approached the family. He told them he heard what happened and he couldn't stand to see a child heartbroken. He then handed each girl a Disney bag with a Minnie Mouse inside.

"It was later we learned he had to spend $30 for those and how selfless act of kindness he just showed my family," said Anna.

Since they now had souvenir for the girls they decided there was no longer any use waiting around to go inside to purchase items.

"So as we were walking out a lady stopped me and said she had four tickets that a person had won and she hadn't redeemed them yet," said Anna. "However, we had to wait until intermission to see if the winner would come."

As the family was walking back inside to wait another lady come up to them and said she had won four and had two extra if they wanted to go ahead and see the show.

"There were four of us and only two extra tickets but we decided to walk with her and see what happened so back inside we went," said Anna. "When we got to the door we told the usher what was going on. He then said he had an extra ticket also and would allow Caroline in for free if we agreed to hold her. At this moment I could have cried."

After the Chambers family got into the show, their oldest daughter Charlee then carries out an act of kindness like so many others had showed them Saturday.

"About half way through Charlee gave her Minnie Mouse to the little girl who's grandmother had won the tickets and given them to my girls," said Anna.

Anna said she is glad she chose not to be a Donald Duck. Instead of griping and complaining she decided to do a little praying and patiently waited for the Lord to teach her a lesson of faith and the power of prayer.

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