Sister of disabled woman killed speaks out about killer's parole hearing

Sister of disabled woman killed speaks out about killer's parole hearing
(Source: Ugochi Iloka/WBRC)

SIPSEY, AL (WBRC) - The parole hearing of a man convicted of murdering a disabled Tuscaloosa woman is coming up.

The victim's sister is speaking out against his release.

Steve, although 20-year- old Dianna Lynn was murdered almost 40 years ago, her family has to relive her painful death, every five years when her alleged killer is up for parole.

"She could only walk with crutches. She didn't take her first step until she was five years old. She just moved into her first apartment  at 20 years old, excited," said Edmonds.

A fisherman found her sister Dianna Lynn's body beaten, and strangled to death in the Sipsey River.

"What he did to her was horrific and so unnecessary, and so brutal," said Edmonds.

Lynn's neighbor Charles Michael Brewer, was convicted of her murder in 1980 and sentenced to life in prison. The death penalty and life without parole wasn't an option back then.

"Had it not been for them I wouldn't know this hearing was taking place," said Edmonds.

Janet Edmonds is talking about her mom and the victim's advocacy group she was a part of, before she passed away from cancer.

"This is one of the article's where mom, she's fighting for him to stay in prison," said Edmonds.

Janet said her mom's efforts helped pass laws where crime victims, and their families were required to be notified of parole hearings.

"Everyone is welcome to write to the parole board not just friends or family of my sister," said Edmonds.

Her mom spoke out against her sister's killer Mr. Brewer, every time he was up for parole and Janet said now she and her 4 daughters will continue that legacy.

"We want to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else. We want to make sure this man stays behind bars. It's a scary thought that someone like that would be in our community," said Edmonds.

Edmonds said the Alabama Boards of Pardons and Parole will consider the opinions of anyone at the parole hearing set for April 4th

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