83-year-old barber robbed 5 times in a year -family asks for help

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The family of an 83-year-old Birmingham barber is seeking justice.

"We want you to know, if you're looking sir--we're on top of you. We're not going to stop. We're going to keep pursuing this."

That's the message Dayathra Etheridge has for the person who's robbed her father five times in the last year.

The robberies started in May 2017.

First at Theodore Etheridge's Barber Shop on Graymont Avenue, then three times at his home in Roebuck.

They always happen just as he arrives home from work.

"He's just robbing my daddy, putting him down on the ground, forcing him to get out the car at gunpoint and going through his pockets and grabbing whatever he can grab," Dayathra Etheridge says.

She says the man is always masked to hide his face, yet her father recognizes his voice.

"I think it's an inside job personally--someone who's close to him, someone who knows what time he leaves and what time he's going to be arriving at home, basically."

After the fourth robbery, Etheridge and his wife moved to a brand new home, hoping to find peace. 

Then three nights ago, the robber struck again. 

His family believes the community knows something and they're asking for help

"We are going to get this situation resolved. And we just want you to stop so my parents can be at ease," Dayathra Etheridge says. "They're older. They don't bother anybody. They're Christian people. Why are you continuing to rob them? Just stop."

The family believes the thief is driving a black Nissan Sentra or Chevy Cobalt.

The family is offering a 25-hundred dollar reward for information that leads the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.

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