Jemison Police now patrolling schools in their city

JEMISON, AL (WBRC) - The Jemison Police Department is taking steps to protect their students. Officers are patrolling the county's four schools within the city's jurisdiction.

Ingrid McGraw's son Holden is a third grader at Jemison Elementary where she volunteers often. The death of students in Florida moved her. "It broke my heart. It's so sad when schools are not safe these days. I definitely want something done," McGraw said.

Jemison Police Chief Shane Fulmer has been talking with the county school board about increasing security for about five years. The attack in Florida angered him and he sent officers to patrol inside the four schools in the city. "The first thing to come to my mind was we have to get serious in protecting the kids and in doing so putting in school resource officers in the schools and securing the building," Chief Fulmer said.

The county schools will pay the officers for the rest of this year for their security. A plan is being discussed where off-duty officers will be paid as school resource officers to patrol the four schools next school year. There have been some lapses in security. "Officers would go by checking the exterior doors. A lot of cases the kids would prop the doors open. Doors that should be secured," Fulmer said.

Parents are welcoming the additional coverage. "That means the world to me. When your child goes to school you think that is the place they will be safe," McGraw said.

A school security meeting is set for Thursday to further discuss school resource officers for next school year. Chief Fulmer said the county is committed to protecting its students.

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