Loaded Chili Cheeseburger

Loaded Chili Cheeseburger
Loaded Chili Cheeseburger (Source: WBRC Video)


1 Potato Bun 
.5 tablespoon Caramelized Onions 
2 slices American Cheese
2 Angus Burger Patties 
.75oz Chili 
4 oz Fries 
.75 oz Cheese Sauce 
pinch of Salt + Pepper


Pre-heat grill or pan to medium-high heat
Place patties on grill
Season patties with salt & pepper
Cook each side of patty for about 2 minutes
Melt one slice of your favorite cheese on top of each patty
Add chili to the top bun
Place fries into a small container. Drizzle cheese sauce onto the top of the fries
Then flip cheese fries onto the chili
Place the angus burger patties on the bottom bun
Neatly fold each bun together

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