Safety concerns addressed in new MLK Jr. Elementary school plan

Safety concerns addressed in new MLK Jr. Elementary school plan
(Source: Ugochi Iloka/WBRC)

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Layout plans for one of Tuscaloosa's oldest elementary schools were just approved.

The future new Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary school will have some fresh features for students.

 But most importantly, much needed changes to the parking lot will be made to minimize traffic concerns.

"Looking at this I'm very excited because this is the bus d rop off opposed to the front,"said Tuscaloosa City Schools board member Matthew Wilson.

The plan shows the school can be placed further from the road and the bus pick up area will be in the back of the building instead of close to the street. It also allows for a bigger parking lot.

"I think the principal along with other faculty members have tried their best to lower the congestion," said Wilson.

Along with traffic concerns, parents expressed their thoughts about the school size.

"We need a bigger school for our children cause this neighborhood is growing," said Deanthony Crutchfield, parent.

The layout plan shows room for a two-story school instead of a one-story school like the current one, housing more students.

New features also include a possible media center, the multipurpose place, the courtyard and fine arts area.

Wilson said this community could use a new school to further inspire future generations of students to learn without limits.

"The western cluster has not had a new elementary school in such a long time. The Martin Luther King Jr. School has been an anchor school here. Doctors, lawyers, judges have come out of this school," said Wilson.

Wilson said the board plans to approve a construction manager soon to work with the architect selected.

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