Pollen counts are high, how it will impact you

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - This roller coaster weather, cold one day and warm the next, becomes a struggle for a lot of people already dealing with allergies.

The doctor I spoke with told me that all this back and forth we have had with weather causes the pollen count to go up.

From now until Thursday, the pollen count is expected to be very high.

The trees are blooming and the birds are singing which probably means you are sneezing.

Dr. Celeste Reese with American Family Care says that the pollen count on Monday is the highest it has been. "It was a 0.2 yesterday and today it is a 10 and they predict it to be high for the remainder of the week," she says.

So, if you aren't scratching and sniffing yet, you could be soon. American Family Care already seeing a lot of patients with allergies and sinus infections.

Thankfully there are some things you can do to prevent it. One way, avoid putting the windows down in your car or your house when the weather is nice.

"It is actually better to run your air conditioning, to let it re-circulate in your house to try and keep the pollen out," Dr. Reese explains.

Also avoid being outside between 5 am to 10 am each day because that is when the pollen count is the highest. If you are outside at all, make sure you change clothes and shower especially before you ago to bed.

"When it gets on your clothes, it gets on your face, your hair, if you sleep in that, you are actually sleeping in the pollen which means you are breathing it in as you are sleeping and it becomes irritating and then you wake up and you have a headache, nasal congestion that kind of thing," she explains.

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