Jill: Tracking areas of heavy rainfall and embedded thunder

Jill: Tracking areas of heavy rainfall and embedded thunder
(Source: Jill Gilardi/WBRC)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Main area of heavy rainfall with some embedded thunder will continue to shift east with time and end from west to east through the rest of the morning hours. South Alabama will feel the brunt of it the rest of today but Central Alabama will see lower chances for passing showers or perhaps a storm this afternoon.

FIRST ALERT remains for areas east of 65 and south of I-20 for ponding and some localized flooding. Use caution if you are traveling in the rainy zones.

Temperatures start in the 50s and warm to the 60s this afternoon. A cold front moves in from the northwest this evening and causes the breeze to increase overnight as it passes by.

A FIRST ALERT for a cloudy, cold and windy start to the week. Temperatures will feel like they are in the 20s on Monday morning.  There is a small chance for a shower early; otherwise we will see clearing skies, breezy conditions and temperatures rising into the 50s on Monday afternoon.

Lighter winds and colder temperatures settle in by Tuesday morning.  A FIRST ALERT for freezing temperatures on Tuesday, Wednesday and especially Thursday morning.

Much warmer weather, like highs in the 70s return to close out the week and will persist into St. Patty's Day weekend.  Showers are possible over the weekend and the coverage both days is around 40 percent.

Have a great day and keep an umbrella nearby,

Jill Gilardi WBRC First Alert Certified Meteorologist

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