6 confirmed rabies cases in Alabama already in 2018

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - The Alabama Department of Public Health says there have already been six cases of confirmed rabies in the state.

Of the six confirmed cases, four are from raccoons, one from a fox, and another from a skunk.

"If you see any animal, especially a raccoon that's a nocturnal animal that's out in the middle of the day, that's your first sign that you need to run," said Dr. Nicole Martin, veterinarian at Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic. "If you see them fly biting, having seizures, just any kind of behavior that is abnormal, that is a sign of having rabies because rabies affects the brain and the way animals act."

Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic has not been immune from rabies either. Last year they had two confirmed cases.

"We had to have six staff members that had to go through multiple series of immunoglobulin and vaccinations so that they would not get rabies," said Martin.

The best defense is to get your pet vaccinated, and stay away from animals with symptoms.

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