Politicians still looking for answers in school gun violence

Politicians still looking for answers in school gun violence
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BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Alabama lawmakers and politicians continue to look for answers for gun violence in schools.

On Wednesday, Alabama House Democrats unveiled what they call it The Gun Violence Prevention Act. It would allow law enforcement, family members or household members to seek Emergency Risk Protection Order.

These orders based on evidence to be presented to a court. It includes recent threats, recent violations of protective orders and a pattern of violent threats or acts.

This proposal comes after Governor Kay Ivey announced the creation of a school safety council to come with recommendations.

"We will enable our schools to identify and respond to potential threats." Ivey said.

House democrats said something must pass this session.

"The governor I just saw one piece of legislation. Also putting together a school commission. I think time is up for study commissions. We have studied gun violence enough. We can't allow children in Alabama to be at risk." Rep. Merika Coleman, of Birmingham, said.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Dawson also attacked Ivey's council saying it's not substitute for action.

"Establishing another task force is no substitute for action and when it comes to the safety of Alabama children, decisive leadership from the state's highest office is absolutely necessary." Dawson said.

Dawson supports arming trained teachers.

Lt. Governor candidate Will Ainsworth has started radio ads promoting his plan to train teachers with a gun for protection.

"Heaven forbid a shooter enters an Alabama school, but if they do we owe it to our kids to protect them with more than a No. 2 pencil." Ainsworth said.

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