Mickey: Sunshine today, but much cooler temperatures

Mickey: Sunshine today, but much cooler temperatures
Mickey's forecast for March 7, 2018 (Source: WBRC Weather)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It's time for a cool change. Old man winter is not quite done with us yet. That cranky fella is bringing us highs only into the 50s today under mostly sunny skies and dropping into the low 30s to 20s tonight.

Tomorrow should be mostly sunny, with highs in the 50s again.

Friday morning could be our coldest morning in a while with temps averaging in the 20s in most locations.

The temps warm up this weekend, but we have a storm system rolling in.

Look for showers and thunderstorms to push our way Saturday. Saturday afternoon we see the showers. The storms look like they'll wait until Saturday night into the early morning hours of Sunday.

By Sunday afternoon the showers begin breaking up.

Look for sunshine to take us into early next week.

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