Center Point parents learn about measures in place to keep students safe

Center Point parents learn about measures in place to keep students safe
Center Point school principals discuss student safety (Source: WBRC)
Van Phillips (Source: WBRC)
Van Phillips (Source: WBRC)
Rodlanda Bowles (Source: WBRC)
Rodlanda Bowles (Source: WBRC)

CENTER POINT, AL (WBRC) - Parents in Center Point expressed their concerns about how safe their children are at school.

Leaders held a neighborhood watch meeting Tuesday night at City Hall.

About 50 people showed up, wanting to hear exactly what is being done to ensure the safety of their kids at Center Point area schools.

Principals from all of the schools spoke, explaining the security measures and procedures in place when it comes to surveillance systems, visitors, emergency situations and active shooter drills.

The Center Point schools have two school resource officers between the four schools.

One parent is concerned that's not enough.

"There have been other activities that happened outside of the school grounds, and they put the school down on lockdown, and how important the SROs are on the schools to help the kids in the schools know where to go and just feel safe when things are happening in school," said Rodlanda Bowles.

Center Point High School principal Van Phillips says regardless of the crime that happens around the school, the students inside the buildings are safe.

"Our kids have, nothing has happened with any of our schools with any of the violence that has happened in our community," said Phillips. "There could be a possibility of something happening next door between a husband and wife that could impact the school, but we're doing all we can to make sure it does not enter the school."

A lieutenant from the Jefferson County Sheriffs Office was also here to explain the job of a school resource officer.

Parents were given the contact information for the SROs in case of an emergency.

The officers said they have received the training to respond quickly and efficiently to an active shooter situation.

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