Blind dog and sibling need new home

Blind dog and sibling need new home
(Source: GBHS)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The Greater Birmingham Humane Society (GBHS) is looking for the perfect home for two dogs that are inseparable.

Blue and Sister were born from the same litter about a year ago. They were surrendered to GBHS last week because their owner was traveling and could not give the dogs the time they need.

Sister is blind and partially deaf. Her eyes were removed because of issues when she was younger.

"Blue kind of acts like Sister's seeing eye dog," said Courtney Underwood, Director of Marketing and Outreach for GBHS.

Blue and Sister have been together since they were born.

"She has so many obstacles that she needs to overcome, and he helps her overcome them," explained Underwood. "They have a really special bond."

Underwood said Blue helps guide Sister when they are walking on a leash together.

Because of Sister's disability, GBHS has special requirements for anyone wanting to adopt the dogs, including a home visit.

"We would love to find somebody who may have experience with owning a blind and partially deaf dog," said Underwood.

According to Underwood, Blue and Sister have a great play style and cuddle a lot, which she said was adorable to see.

"They are really so sweet," said Underwood. "They really are just a great combo because he takes care of her, and she takes care of him."

If you are interested in adopting Blue and Sister, call GBHS at 205-942-1211.

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