Tuscaloosa authorities investigating two Monday shootings

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Tuscaloosa police are investigating two shootings from Monday night.

Two victims remain in the hospital fighting for their lives while investigators try to find out who injured them in the first place.

"I just saw blue lights flashing from a block or so away. I could see the lights flashing and there were so many of them," Jerry Carter said.

That's when Carter checked to see what brought so many Tuscaloosa police to his neighborhood located in the 2800 block of Short 16th Street.

Investigators say just before 8:45 Monday night, someone shot a 29-year-old man in the chest. The man may have been at a party in the area.

"Was it that serious? Did it have to go to the point and the gun control thing? Everyone seems to have a gun and that seems to be the most popular way to solve issues, " Carter said.

The first shooting happened 30 minutes earlier in the 600 block of Dogwood Lane in the Skyland Park subdivision.

"They just heard gunfire," Larry Cox explained about neighbors hearing gunfire while he was at work.

His neighbors described the sound of a shot fired from a moving car that hit an 18-year-old teen in the stomach and sent him to the hospital.

Cox called that kind of violence unheard of here until last night.

"Because it's a quiet neighborhood. Really people don't bother nobody in this neighborhood. People be to their self, everybody gets along," Cox added.

Authorities said the victims' condition improved from critical to stable Tuesday afternoon.

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