Family upset after cemetery buries loved one in a location without asking family

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A family is furious after they say their loved one was buried in the part of a cemetery they were never shown. Now they say the cemetery isn't taking care of the gravesite.

The family says they lost their father in December and that they have been trying to get in touch with the cemetery, every month since about the location and the upkeep.

Shortly after the family took us to the gravesite, an employee pulled up with the owner on the phone wanting to speak with us.

Millamena Page says she came to the office at George Washington Carver Cemetery to fill out the paper work for her father to be buried there. "I asked, I said so is this it, is there anything else we need to do and she said no you are done," Page explains.

She says no one ever showed her where her father would be buried and when she showed up for his burial, Page realized no other family plots were near this one. Page now wants her father moved but the cemetery says it would be at the family's expense because they never picked a burial location but that is not the only reason she wants her father moved.

"And second of all how could you not see a problem with the way people's gravesites are being disrespected," she continues to say, "who wants to come and visit them and see that their grave is being ran over by trucks like no one cares about this person at all."

Our Hannah Ward spoke with the owner of the cemetery and he did not want to be on camera. He says the funeral home told his employees to pick the lowest price point and that's what they did. He also says they only show the customer the spot where their loved one will be buried if they ask.

As for gravesite damage, the cemetery owner said employees have to run over graves in order to move equipment to perform other burials.

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