Railroad carts full of human waste sit in Birmingham, residents want them gone

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It's a stinky issue that tonight has more homeowners upset. Human waste now being brought in by train in Birmingham.

One person we spoke with says the smell is so bad that it made his stomach hurt the other day when he was outside trying to enjoy the weather.

Bottom line people want it gone.

Jimmy Sanders says he saw the train cars pulling up a month ago. "It was just a nasty like smell," he describes.

He asked someone at the train station what the cars were carrying because the smell was so bad. "And that is what he told me. It was poop, a whole cart full of poop," Sanders states.

Now they are just sitting on the tracks near 27th Avenue under the I-65 bridge. These look like the same one's folks in Parrish and West Jefferson complained were causing a horrible smell. After so many complaints, the city council in both areas banned the company from picking up the cars in their city limits.

"People were thinking there was somebody dead somewhere or some animals or something around here," he explains. After folks found out what it was, they reached out to the city to complain.

We spoke with the city of Birmingham and they released this statement:

"The City of Birmingham has contacted Norfolk Southern officials and requested the trains be moved completely. After being advised that the rail cars will be in the location until the end of the week, it was decided that the rail cars would be pulled back into the rail yard. Rail safety and the vast majority of other regulation take place at the federal level. The City of Birmingham will continue to communicate with Norfolk Southern to express concerns on how the rail cars have frustrated residents. The city will also stay in contact with the Alabama Rail Safety Commission and federal representatives as we urge the railroad to seek a long-term solution to this matter."

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