Study: E-cigs produce cancer-causing toxins

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A study published this week in the Journal of Pediatrics shows e-cigarettes produce five cancer-causing toxins. This is not a surprise to the American Cancer Society in Birmingham.

"My concern is how many of these kids are starting nicotine products with e-cigs or vape or whichever it is," said Heather Adams with the American Cancer Society in Birmingham.

The study found those cancer-causing toxins in the urine of 16-year-old's who use e-cigarettes. Another study found that teens are more e-cigarettes lead to teenagers to try traditional cigarettes. "We know it's harmful because they do have nicotine in them. We don't have long-term studies to know the long-term effects because in the grand scheme of research these findings are new," Adams said.

E-cigarettes use a device that has fluid with nicotine and other flavors to make it more appealing to smokers. Adams says it remains a tough fight to get teenagers to give up smoking. "It's always going be something that is cool sad as that is. They can easily access e-cigs and vapes. You can get them at gas stations. You can order them online," Adams said.

Nationally, health officials worry that e-cigs and vaping are promoted as safer ways to smoke when it is not.

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