Winston County woman charged after beating ex-boyfriend to death

Winston County woman charged after beating ex-boyfriend to death
(Source: Ugochi Iloka/WBRC)

WINSTON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Prosecutors charged a Winston County woman with beating her ex-boyfriend to death.

The Winston County Sheriff's office turned over all the evidence they had in this beating case to the district attorney who ultimately charged the woman with manslaughter. 

It's unclear what set 58-year-old Sherry Dianne Reagan off.

Investigators said whatever it was, it allegedly led her to beat her ex-boyfriend Gary Kenneth Aderholt to death over the weekend.

"Later on, when we found out the seriousness of his injuries is when we discovered the domestic side of it," said Bryan Kirkpatrick, Chief Deputy for the Winston County Sheriff's Office.

Aderholt and Reagan shared a past and investigators said somehow, he ended up at her house in Addison, where the incident happened.

"It's somewhat unique, not often do domestic incidents end up to this level," said Caleb Snoddy Investigator for the Winston County Sheriff's Office.

Authorities couldn't say much about what Reagan possibly used to kill him or why she's only facing manslaughter, but we do know the circumstances surrounding Aderholt's death were a factor.

"In cases involving manslaughter, everything comes down to what fits the crime and often intent is a factor in those crimes," said Snoddy.

As far as the Addison community, many folks we spoke to know the victim but weren't comfortable talking about him on camera.

"I mean I wish something else could've been done. Aderholt was a pretty decent feller and everybody in Addison, they lost one of their citizens," said Kirkpatrick.

Investigators said the victim died at UAB hospital.

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