TPD advises extra security measures during Spring Break

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Tuscaloosa police are asking folks to be vigilant and take precautions if they're leaving town on vacation for Spring Break.

University of Alabama students Jack Grantham and Andrew Palmer hope their friends and classmates made plans to secure their homes before Spring Break starts next week.

"I might tell them about calling someone who's staying in town and checking on it," Grantham explained.

Having someone check their home or apartment is just one suggestion Tuscaloosa Police offered when it comes to Spring Break security.

Palmer's home was never burglarized. But he admitted worrying about it when he lived off campus.

"I still felt like there's probably a good bit of danger as far as getting some of my stuff stolen," Palmer said.

You could also leave one or more lights on. And make sure your doors are locked and windows secured.

In years past, police used bait houses, or houses equipped with cameras and sensors, to catch would-be burglars in the act in neighborhoods near the UA campus.

"Also, people can call our non-emergency number at (205)349-2121. Let us know they're going to be out of town and give us the dates and times they'll be out of town and they can request an extra patrol on their homes," Tuscaloosa Police Chief Steve Anderson added.

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