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More schools asking for 'Stop the Bleed' training for teachers after Florida shooting

Stop the Bleed training. (Source: UAB) Stop the Bleed training. (Source: UAB)

Dozens of schools are now training their teachers on how to treat traumatic injuries after the Florida shooting. 

It is done through a campaign called “Stop the Bleed” that surgeons at UAB participate in.  Dr. Virginia Strickland is Assistant Professor in UAB Department of Surgery and she says the training could help teachers save lives of victims if a school shooting ever happens.

"With a large extremity wound, someone could lose all their blood volume in 5 to 8 minutes," Dr. Strickland explains. That is not enough time for the paramedics to get there. "So those people that are going to be able to save your life is that person that is standing next to you," she states.

Some doctors at UAB believe showing people these techniques can help a victim with a gunshot wound hold on until the ambulance arrives.

"We teach them how to pack wounds which is taking a piece of gauze really getting it in that wound tightly and again holding pressure and also how to do the tunicate," she explains.

Doctors behind the stop the bleed campaign also hope teachers get the supplies they need. "The idea is to have the kit right next to the defibrillator and our goal is to have a kit in every classroom," Dr. Strickland explains.

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