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Girl battling cancer says she's received firefighter patches from all 50 states


We have a great update on Mileena Painter to share! She the 12-year-old girl from Riverside in St. Clair County, battling cancer, who has been collecting firefighter patches for an at home project.

On Monday, Mileena's mother shared on Mileena "Strong" Painter's Journey’s Facebook page that they have now received patches from all 50 states!

Mileena says she will use the patches to make a quilt - that way she will be able to share her story years down the road.

Overall, they think Mileena has collected around 3,000 firefighter patches. She has received packages from places like Germany, Ireland, and Canada.

If you would like to send firefighter patches, t-shirts, cards or letters to Mileena, mail them to PO Box 7 Riverside, Al 35135. You can address them to Mileena Painter or to the Painter family and they will be passed along to her.

If you are sending packages through UPS please send them to the Riverside Fire Department. UPS does not deliver to P.O. boxes. 

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