Consultant hopes to move Birmingham City Schools in positive direction

Consultant hopes to move Birmingham City Schools in positive direction
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BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - New help for school districts like Birmingham trying to figure out how to fix the problems that put them on the failing schools list. Wynell Gilbert says she recently came on board to help some of the 14 failing schools in Birmingham.

Gilbert is the founder and CEO of WKG educational Consulting. She has nearly 20 years of teaching experience. She is subcontractor for College Prep Alabama that helps provide ACT support to students within the city school district.

Since January, Gilbert has been working with Birmingham City Schools. She provides testing to students to try and get a better snapshot of their performance levels among other things.

One of her main goals is to get more parents involved with their children, she provides workshops that help parents better help their kids. Gilbert says more parents are going to have to get involved with their children's education in order for the schools to take a positive step forward.

"Our child or our children are our greatest investment. So when you are sending your child to school whether they are going to an over the mountain school, a Birmingham City School. You have to make sure that school and those teachers are accountable. You have to know what your child should be learning," Gilbert said.

Gilbert says just because a school is labeled an "F" school doesn't mean students aren't improving. She's seeing some positive growth right now and hopes that trend continues.

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