Local man finds 8-foot snake in Morris

PINSON, AL (WBRC) - It was quite a shock for Jonathon Lesueur, of Pinson, this week. He spotted a big snake on the side of Majestic Road in Morris. A day later he passed by and saw the snake was dead. The snake turned out to be over 8 feet long.

"Looks like a Red Tail boa constrictor. A boa is a common pet snake. To be that sized it belonged to somebody," Dan Self, Birmingham Zoo zoological manager of reptiles, said.

Self speculated the snake must have escaped or was turned loose. Lesueur tells WBRC Fox6 News he would have taken the snake in as a pet if he knew what it was before it died.

Self said there are more reports of snakes being spotted around the area. because of  the warmer weather.

"It depends on the weather when you start seeing them Spring, March, April. It's nice weather we are having. I have seen more snakes out,"  Self said.

Self said as temperatures warm up homeowners need to take steps to protect their homes and families from venomous snakes.

"Take away their places to hide. Be mindful when you are out working in the yard. Where you put your hands. Where you are stepping," Self said.

Self said moccasins usually attack when they are stepped on, so be sure you are wearing shoes. Snakes will be out in the sun until it warms up. When it's hot those snakes will be out at night or dusk..

Self advised if you familiarize yourself with rattle snakes, cottonmouths and moccasins you should be able to spot dangerous snakes from harmless snakes.

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