Mosquitoes invading your yard? How to keep them away for good

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - They are probably lurking in your backyard right now. Mosquitos are out early.

Chad Hill is the owner of Mosquito Authority and he said the weather is to blame for the early arrival. "We had so much rain it created a hatch and night time temperatures were constantly staying above 50 degrees," Hill explains.

"Mosquitoes love warm temperatures and moisture and we have had all of that the last couple of weeks," WBRC FOX 6 News Meteorologist Jill Gilardi explains.

Which is why they are already in your backyard and more are coming. "Something as small as a cap off of a bottle can breed hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes in just on summer. so just keeping your property clean and free of debris that will hold water," Hill explains.

You want to avoid leaving anything in your yard that can collect water like pots, fire pits, any kind of toy, and even basketball goals...

The main way to eliminate the problem is keeping clean gutters, clean ground spouts, and then where the water goes to you want to make sure it does not just sit there.

While the pests are annoying they are also dangerous. "Not only are they a nuisance but they are nuisance that carries some pretty significant diseases so protect yourself when you are outside that is the most important thing," Hill states.

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