Holt High School's angel comes through

Holt High School's angel comes through

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - The Holt High School Boys Basketball team trailed Childersburg by 11 points late in the 3rd quarter Tuesday, victory seemed doubtful, but not for the Ironmen, not with what this group has gone through recently.

What Holt did was go on a 20-0 run, turning that 11 point deficit into a nine point lead.

"Jalen helped us out there," said Holt senior forward Josh Strozier. "Our angel, our heart is motivating us when we need help the most."

Jalen Merriweather, a senior guard, was shot and killed earlier this month. While he's gone, his spirit lives on through his team. Now Holt is one win away from advancing to the state's Final Four.

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