DCH seeing a drop in confirmed flu cases

(Kelvin Reynolds/WBRC)
(Kelvin Reynolds/WBRC)

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - DCH reports a significant d rop in the number of flu cases its confirmed in West Alabama.

Officials hope it's a sign that flu season is closer to ending.

"Today at the Regional Medical Center, there are 6 people admitted in the hospital with the flu.The week before last it was like 20," DCH spokesman Brad Fisher told WBRC.

Positive flu cases are down here two weeks in a row.

Fisher said last week the hospital had about 150 fewer people come to the hospital's emergency rooms with the flu compared to the previous week.

This flu season put a strain on people and hospitals nationwide.

"We have still had some employees get sick and staffing has been a challenge because we've been very full," according to Fisher.

He believes because DCH is a public hospital and will see patients who don't have insurance or money for care, it's a good indicator that if fewer people are coming here with the flu, the illness may be trending down for good here.

"May be a sign that West Alabama at least has crested the hill for this epidemic," Fisher added.

Hospital officials add folks should continue doing things to prevent the spread of flu even though they're seeing a downward trend of the illness here locally.

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