Tuscaloosa city schools re-evaluate their school safety plan

Tuscaloosa city schools re-evaluate their school safety plan

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - As a part of professional development day for Tuscaloosa City Schools, Superintendent Dr. Mike Daria said school and district staff looked at how they can improve current safety procedures already in place.

After the school shooting in Florida, Daria said they got calls from nervous parents.

"Unfortunately, when we have tragedies like the one we just saw it makes it even more real, so we certainly reflect on our practices. Math and reading and the core content are certainly our priority, but our greater priority is student safety and in doing that we have to look out for the whole child," said Dr. Mike Daria.

The school district also works with a local agency to provide mental health services and counseling to students.

"It's also a child security issue as well. We as parents don't want to think about something happening to our children when they go to school," said Kena Williams, a mom.

"I'm for metal detectors even. You have to think you know my kid is in kindergarten to they need it at  that age, yes maybe so," said David Salter, a dad.

The district's safety plan consists of acting out different scenarios and working with local law enforcement.

"Even having to do those drills in a school setting is hard. Unfortunately, our students must be exposed to this conversation. It's tough for our teachers. It's tough for our parents," said Daria.

Dr. Daria said one thing they want to continue to improve on is communication.

They want all students to feel comfortable enough reporting anything to school staff.

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