Tuscaloosa Mayor introduces Alabama Education Lottery plan

Tuscaloosa Mayor introduces Alabama Education Lottery plan

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox revealed his plan to bring an education lottery to Alabama Monday.

Mayor Maddox said the Governor is the President of the state board of education.

His goal if elected is to use that seat to enhance education in the state without raising taxes.

Maddox said the Alabama Education Lottery will give the state the opportunity to invest millions in our educational system.

He said the lottery could help generate $300 million to go towards universal Pre-K, under performing schools in need of resources, college scholarship programs for higher education and workforce development.

"You're going to see we are taking a holistic data driven approach to improving the quality of education throughout our state. It's rural and urban, black and white, every type of demographic. We are committed to every child in the state of Alabama," said Maddox.

Over the next four weeks, Maddox plans to release four corner stones about the Alabama Education lottery.

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