City of Tuscaloosa to spend $1 million dollars repair drain

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - One of Tuscaloosa's most recent drainage and road problems took years to develop.

The price tag to fix a crushed culvert underneath one of the city's most traveled roads could cost around a million dollars to repair.

"There is concern that we need to act quickly to repair the storm water drain that has collapsed," City Councilwoman Cynthia Almond told WBRC Monday.

Almond represents the district that includes the problem area.

The storm drain runs under Rice Mine Road just west of Northridge Road.

That's a main thoroughfare through one of the most affluent parts of Tuscaloosa.

The city is already determining the scope of the repair work that will be needed to fix the problem and get a concrete cost estimate on repairs.

"It's possible the road could be closed for up to one month. So we'd have to reroute traffic so we definitely got to get that out to the public," Almond added.

The City Council meets Tuesday and could continue discussions on how much repairs could cost and when they would start.

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