East Alabama animal shelter postpones euthanization of 40 animals

East Alabama animal shelter postpones euthanization of 40 animals
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CALHOUN COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - An East Alabama animal shelter has postponed plans to euthanize as many as 40 animals.

The people who run the Cheaha Regional Humane Society in Calhoun County say their appeals on social media saw numerous people come to the rescue.

The shelter's employees usually euthanize no more than 30 or slightly more, according to CRHS Chairperson Jane Cunningham. Some weeks, she says, they don't euthanize any at all.

The reason for the high number this time is, rescue organizations up north backed out of rescue commitments due to bad weather and the lack of available transport.

Now, Cunningham says the number is down to 28, due to fosters, rescues and some adoptions. She credits the community's response.

"Well, it's been an outpouring of the community, it has been absolutely wonderful, the response we've had, the rescues," Cunningham said. "We've had rescues from all over contacting us, we've had people come in and offer to foster, and help pick up the slack, and so it's been tremendous."

Another reason for the urgent notice on the dogs, Cunningham said, is the shelter is running low on space. The organization has contacts to house dogs picked up by Anniston and Oxford animal control, as well as those being ordered held as part of cruelty cases. One such case has three pitbulls -- a mother, father and pup -- who often jump up and whine as humans walk by.

Cunningham says the shelter has plenty of food and blankets for the animals. But, she says, the shelter, located on Morrisville Road near the Calhoun County Landfill and a rear entrance to the Anniston Army Depot. could use more help from fosters and rescues, and monetary donations to help with transport.

The Cheaha Regional Humane Society has a GoFundMe set up with a link through its Facebook page.

The 40 dogs were originally scheduled to be euthanized Tuesday, but the list was whittled down to 32. Then the mass euthanization was postponed completely. The next scheduled date for euthanization is Saturday.

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