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Man once charged with murder shares his story in hopes it will help youth make better decisions

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“You don't know the consequences after you pull the trigger. Once you pull a trigger, your whole life change,” said Brandon Daniel.

He knows the consequences. Daniel was once facing a capital murder charge for the 2006 death of a high school student. He was a student himself.

"I was minding my business on my birthday and I was attacked, and they were saying they were going to kill me. I don't know these people and they said they were going to kill me. That’s when I shot, when I was on the ground and that's what happened. A young man lost his life,” continued Daniel.

Two years after the shooting, he was acquitted of the charges. He now spends time, talking to others about the consequences of the violence and conflict resolution.

"Think before you react to any situation that can change your life. Just think. Count to 10 and be like hey, I get it I'm a make the right decision."

He said the violence in and around Birmingham has been overwhelming and could have been prevented.

“Their whole life is ruined off making one bad decision. I know about that decision I don't want anybody else to make,” he said.

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