Teammates honor teen killed before Holt High school basketball game

Teammates honor teen killed before Holt High school basketball game
(Source: Ugochi Iloka/WBRC)

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Tuesday night, a memorial service was held right before an important playoff game for Jalen Merriweather,  who was shot and killed in Tuscaloosa Friday.

For many it still feels like a dream, especially because if Jalen Merriweather was still alive today, he would've played in that basketball game at Holt High school tonight.

"All you see all around our school, you see note cards Jalen everywhere and then you just think about it and he's actually gone," said Leeandra Williams, Jalen's friend.

"He always had a smile on his face.He never looked down I just love and miss Jalen so much," said Ciera, Jalen's friend.

As the Holt High School boys basketball team prepared to play, the gym overflowed with people still grieving Jalen Merriweather's sudden death.

"I just seen him a few hours ago at school. How is this even possible like how is this real and then it just hit me and I just started crying," said Williams.

Merriweather was shot and killed while trying to protect his sister Friday night. He was getting ready to play in today's big game before his life was cut short.

"We remember our angel Jalen Merriweather. One thing that is helping us through this process is knowing that we have each other," said school staff.

School staff and Jalen's teammates comforted Jalen's family and gave them something special of his.

"We would like to present to you Jalen's game Jersey," said school staff.

Jalen's mom broke down.

"Lord Help me God Help why," said Angela Merriweather, Jalen's mom.

A tough reality to grasp for his loved ones and friends, who wanted to show up for him tonight the way he did for others.

"All the shirts you see the support how loved he was all in there, all around the school had other schools come in here," said Williams.

A balloon release is scheduled for Wednesday at Holt High School in honor of Jalen.

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