School officials remember teens killed Monday night

School officials remember teens killed Monday night
Liz Price and Ty Pepper. (Source: Family)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Even though it's been several months since Liz Price graduated from Clay-Chalkville High School, staff members still recall the woman with a big smile.

"I can vividly remember Liz walking down these hallways. She had a big life," counselor Erica DeVaughn fondly remembered Monday.

She says Price was like that from the time she first introduced herself as a freshman.

Price's boyfriend, Ty Pepper, attended the school for a short time, too.

"He moved, so I didn't know Ty well. What I knew of him, he was a good young man," says Principal Michael Lee.

So when he and DeVaughn learned about the 18 and 19-year-olds had been gunned down on the corner of 12th Street and 12th Avenue Monday night, both were shocked.

"It's kind of surreal. I'm just trying to wrap my mind around it," DeVaughn said.

"Nothing stood out about Liz that made me think this was a path she would have been involved in," Lee commented.

Having known Price all four years of high school, the principal says as hard as this is, he tries to use it as a time to teach young people that the choices they make are important.

DeVaughn echoes that thought.

"What you do matters. Everything you do counts and matters," she says.

"I hope we can take this tragedy and something positive will come out of it and find whose responsible and justice can be served for them," Lee says.

Birmingham Police continue to search for those responsible for the deaths.

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