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Court rules Gardendale cannot form school system

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The federal appeals court ruled that Gardendale cannot form its own school system.

The district court found that the Gardendale Board acted with a discriminatory purpose to exclude black children from the proposed school system, according to court documents.

Jefferson County Board of Education released the following statement:

"The Jefferson County Board of Education has received the opinion from the federal appeals court regarding the Gardendale split. We are reviewing the decision and determining what the best course of action is, as this matter will return to the district court.

While we were not appellants, we want to make it clear that during this process, our main concern is how to best educate all children affected by Gardendale’s possible succession.

Regardless of the court’s final decision, we remain focused on continuing to improve education throughout the Jefferson County School District and look forward to a final decision regarding this matter.

Court documents on the ruling are below:

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