Mother of high school basketball star murdered pleads for killer's capture

Mother of high school basketball star murdered pleads for killer's capture
(Source: Angela Merriweather)

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - The mother of Holt High School basketball star, Jalen Merriweather, is speaking out and pleading for the capture of her son's killer.

His mother said they began funeral arrangements for Jalen Monday.

She just wants justice for her son and said she wants it now.

"How do I plan my child's funeral when he should be planning mine," said Jalen's mom, Angela Merriweather.

Angela Merriweather said her son's life was robbed Friday night. When she got the call that he was shot, she rushed to be by his side.

"I was driving with tears in my eyes. I almost had a wreck twice trying to get to my son. I was praying to God please save him," said Merriweather.

But when she got to Broadmoore Gardens Apartments where the shooting happened, she had a feeling he was gone.
Homicide investigators said Jalen stepped in to stop his sister's ex-boyfriend from pistol whipping her.

"My daughter was able to get away. She got away, he was going to protect them at all costs," said Merriweather.

Including risking his own life to do so, police say Jalen was shot by Donald Robertson who's still on the loose.

"I want them to catch this man. Let me sleep, let me rest. You are a coward. You took everything away from me," said Merriweather.

Jalen was Angela's only son, who was loved by so many. He had a big personality that she said lit up a room.

"Jalen made you laugh. He's a charmer I used to tell him all the time. He encouraged others around him for all of them to be great," said Merriweather.

Including his basketball teammates at Holt High School, a sport Angela said her son had been playing since he was five years old.

"So, I know he's still hooping it up. He's still doing it in Heaven. God got him," said Merriweather.

Speaking of basketball, Jalen's mom said there will be a memorial service tomorrow evening before the basketball game in his honor at Holt High School.

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